Chennaiyin FC showcases average performance in pre-season friendly matches

Indian Super League team Chennaiyin FC showcased poor performance in the pre-season matches played against the local football teams in Thailand. ISL 2015 champions lost two matches and managed to win only one game in its Thailand tour.

First match of the pre-season games was played on 19th October 2017. In that match, Chennai’s FC didn’t managed to score any goal. On other hand, the opponent team ‘Air Force Central FC’ successfully scored 2 goals and defeated the ISL team.

In the second pre-season match, which was played on 25th October this year, Chennaiyin FC showcased little improvement in its performance and scored one goal in the game. The rival team ‘Thai Port FC’ gained lead in the game by scoring 3 goals and finally defeated Chennai’s FC.

The soccer club of Chennai showcased surprising progress in third game and scored 3 goals. Players of the Chennai’s team took a strong defensive stance and didn’t let the footballers of antagonist team score any goal. Thus, Chennaiyin FC attained victory over ‘Bangkok United FC’ in the 3rd pre-season match.

After playing practice matches for ten days in India, Chennaiyin FC had flew to Thailand on 11th October this year. Before leaving for Thailand, the team played some friendly matches at SDAT Nehru Park. Pre-season games in India had started from 2nd October 2017.

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