ISL 2018 Points Table, Standings, Results, Scores, Live Streaming Channels

ISL 2018 Points Table, Standings, Results, Scores, Live Streaming Channels, Upcoming Match, Watch Online Football, Hero Indian Super League Winners All Seasons

Hero Indian Super League is one of the most popular sport event in India. The soccer tournament, which was started in 2014, is also famous in the foreign countries. Fourth edition of the league started on 17th November 2017. Before the actual commencement of the tournament, a lavish opening ceremony was held to make the beginning of the football series alluring. Many Bollywood celebrities and biggies were invited on the event which became unforgettable with the charming performances of celebs.

Throughout the history of Hero ISL, Atletico de Kolkata lifted the title twice and became the only team to win the championship for two times. Kolkata’s FC won the first and third edition of this lucrative soccer competition. Chennaiyin FC won the second edition. Performances of both teams was excellent throughout all the editions of ISL. Introduction of two new teams – Jamshedpur FC and Bengaluru FC added more glamour to the tournament which lasted for about five months.

4th season marked debut of these new entrants and attracted a big number of audiences from the globe. Involvement of foreign players, who play in illustrious football leagues in their respective countries, too drove massive attention of the soccer watchers across the world. As some coaches and managers of ISL teams also hail from the overseas arenas, India’s domestic football tournament grabbed a bulky response from the global spectators.

ISL 2016 Results

Showcasing excellent performances in the series of football matches, Atletico de Kolkata, Kerala Blasters, Mumbai City FC and Delhi Dynamos reached in the semi finals of ISL season 3. ATK and Mumbai’s FC confronted in the first semi final of Leg 1 games. ATK defeated Mumbai City FC with 3-2 score. In the 2nd semi final of Leg 1 matches, Kerala Blasters dominated the match results with 1-0 lead and defeated Delhi Dynamos. Neither Mumbai’s team nor ATK score any goal in the 1st semi final of Leg 2 games. On other hand, Delhi Dynamos beat Kerala Blasters 2-1 to win the 2nd semi final match of same Leg. After the calculation of total goals scored by the teams, Kerala Blasters and Atletico de Kolkata qualified for the finals. Huge competition was seen in the finale which became more interesting with the equal goals hit by the players of both teams. In the penalty round, ATK scored 4 goals and Kerala’s team could hit only 3 goals. By scoring one goal more than the rival team, ATK lifted the title for second time in the history of Hero ISL.

Matches Team 1 Team 2 Results
Leg 1 S/F 1 Atletico de Kolkata Mumbai City FC 3-2
Leg 1 S/F 2 Kerala Blasters Delhi Dynamos 1-0
Leg 2 S/F 1 Mumbai City FC Atletico de Kolkata 0-0
Leg 2 S/F 2 Delhi Dynamos Kerala Blasters 2-1 (0-3)
Final Kerala Blasters Atletico de Kolkata 1-1 (3-4)

ISL 2016 Points Table

In the third season of Hero Indian Super League, Mumbai City FC and Kerala Blasters boosted their performances to gain top positions in the points table. Winning six matches each, Mumbai’s team and Kerala Blasters acquired first and second rank in the standings. Delhi Dynamos won five matches and bagged third place in the same table. Atletico de Kolkata registered victories in four games and grabbed fourth place by earning 20 points. NorthEast United FC and FC Pune City secured fifth and sixth position, respectively. Chennaiyin FC performed poorly in the 3rd edition of ISL and ended up bagging 7th place in the standings by earning just 15 points. FC Goa too faced severe impact due to the maximum number of matches it lost during the series of football matches. Goa’s FC earned 14 points from four victories and remained at the bottom position in Indian Super League points table.

Teams Match Win Draw Loss Points
Mumbai City FC 14 6 5 3 23
Kerala Blaster FC 14 6 4 4 22
Delhi Dynamos 14 5 6 3 21
Atletico de Kolkata 14 4 8 2 20
NorthEast United 14 5 3 6 18
FC Pune City 14 4 4 6 16
Chennaiyin FC 14 3 6 5 15
FC Goa 14 4 2 8 14

ISL 2015 Results

Successfully grabbing the ranks in top four teams in point table, Delhi Dynamos, FC Goa, Chennaiyin FC and Atletico de Kolkata qualified for the semi final matches. In the 1st semi final match of Leg 1 game, Delhi Dynamos beat FC Goa by 1-0 lead. With a strong lead of 3-0, Chennaiyin FC defeated ATK in the 2nd semi final game of Leg 1. FC Goa made a strong comeback to the game by enhancing its performance in the first semi final of Leg 2. Beating the foes with 3-0 results, FC Goa confirmed its entry into the final game of ISL season 2. On other side, Chennaiyin FC lost the second semi final of Leg 2, but managed to qualify for the final match as it scored two goals more than the opposite team. In final match, Chennaiyin FC beat FC Goa by 3-2 to lift the title. Chennai’s FC became champions for the first time in ISL history.

Matches Team 1 Team 2 Results
Leg 1 S/F 1 Delhi Dynamos FC Goa 1-0
Leg 1 S/F 2 Chennaiyin FC Atletico de Kolkata 3-0
Leg 2 S/F 1 FC Goa Delhi Dynamos 3-0
Leg 2 S/F 2 Atletico de Kolkata Chennaiyin FC 2-1
Final FC Goa Chennaiyin FC 2-3

ISL 2015 Points Table

In the second season of Hero Indian Super League, FC Goa, Atletico de Kolkata and Chennaiyin FC won seven matches each. Difference in the matches lost by the teams decided their respective positions in the standings. Loosing 3 matches, Goa’s FC clinched first rank in the table. ATK lost four matches and grabbed second place in the same chart. Chennai’s team faced defeats in six games and attained third place in the ISL points table. Though Delhi Dynamos and NorthEast United FC won six matches each, the variations in the number of matches in which they faced defeats confirmed their respective ranks in the table. Delhi’s FC bagged fourth place in the chart while NEUFC remained at the fifth position. Mumbai City FC and FC Pune City too faced similar kind of situation as they won four matches each. Mumbai’s team acquired sixth place while Pune’c FC secured seventh rank in the point table. Loosing maximum matches and winning just three games, Kerala Blasters declined to the bottom position in standings.

Teams Match Win Loss Draw Points
FC Goa 14 7 3 4 25
Atletico de Kolkata 14 7 4 2 23
Chennaiyin FC 14 7 6 1 22
Delhi Dynamos 14 6 4 4 22
NorthEast United 14 6 6 2 20
Mumbai City FC 14 4 6 4 16
FC Pune City 14 4 7 3 15
Kerala Blasters 14 3 7 4 13

ISL 2014 Results

With the outstanding performances, Kerala Blasters, Chennaiyin FC, Atletico de Kolkata and FC Goa successfully reached in the semi final matches of the first season of Hero Indian Super League. In first semi final match of Leg 1, Kerala Blasters established one-side dominance over the game and defeated Chennaiyin FC with 3-0 score. Facing tougher competition, ATK and FC Goa tied the 2nd semi final of Leg 1. In 1st semi final match of Leg 2, Kerala Blasters continued to dominate the game results and beat the foes by 3-1 lead. On other hand, stern confrontation was observed between FC Goa and ATK. 2nd semi final of Leg 2 also ended up with a 0-0 stalemate. In penalty round, Kolkata’s team acquired lead by scoring two goals more than the opponents and got entry into the final match. ATK faced Kerala Blasters in final game and defeated the antagonist by 1-0 results. ATK became the champions of 1st edition of ISL.

Matches Team 1 Team 2 Results
Leg 1 S/F 1 Kerala Blasters Chennaiyin FC 3-0
Leg 1 S/F 2 Atletico de Kolkata FC Goa 0-0
Leg 2 S/F 1 Chennaiyin FC Kerala Blasters 1-3
Leg 2 S/F 2 FC Goa Atletico de Kolkata 0-0 (2-4)
Final Kerala Blasters Atletico de Kolkata 0-1

ISL 2014 Points Table

Exhibiting extraordinary performance throughout the series of soccer matches, Chennaiyin FC topped the point table in first edition of Hero Indian Super League. Winning six matches, the team earned 23 points. FC Goa too won similar number of games but earned 22 points as it lost one match more than the first rank holder team. Earning 19 points, Atletico de Kolkata secured third rank in the same chart. Kerala Blasters too minted 19 points and grabbed fourth place in the standings. Delhi Dynamos and FC Pune City registered victories in 4 matches each. Their ranks in ISL table differed because of the variations in number of matches lost and drawn by them. Mumbai City FC and NorthEast United FC won 4 and 3 games, respectively. Earning 16 and 15 points respectively, Mumbai’s FC and NEUFC remained at the bottom places in the points table.

Teams Match Won Draw Loss Points
Chennaiyin FC 14 6 5 3 23
FC Goa 14 6 4 4 22
Atletico de Kolkata 14 4 5 5 19
Kerala Blasters FC 14 5 4 5 19
Delhi Dynamos FC 14 4 6 4 18
FC Pune City 14 4 4 6 16
Mumbai City FC 14 4 6 6 16
NorthEast United FC 14 3 6 5 15

Stay tuned to us to get more updates related to the ongoing soccer matches in Indian Super League. Please share your views and tell us which team can win this year’s ISL championship by posting your replies in the comment section given below.

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