New ISL team Bengaluru FC showcases average performance in pre-season matches

New ISL team Bengaluru FC showcased derogatory performances in the pre-season matches. The team not only played the practice matches in India but also confronted with the local FC’s of Spain in its pre-season match schedule.

Playing the first pre-season match against FC Cartagena, the team faced a huge loss as it couldn’t score any goal in that game. The local football club hit 3 goals and dominated the match results. The match was played on 10th August this year.

Bengaluru FC confronted with UCAM Murcia CF in the second pre-season match which was played on 13th August 2017. The team succeeded in scoring two goals but failed to surpass the total goals scored by the opponent team. Thus, the football club of Bengaluru lost the match with a margin of 2 goals.

In third pre-season game, Bengaluru’s football team clashed with Baniyas Club and again faced a huge defeat. In the friendly soccer match, which was played on 15th October this year, Bengaluru FC failed to hit a goal while Baniyas Club scored 3 goals and won the game.

After completing the pre-season schedule in overseas, Bengaluru FC played six friendlies in India. The team confronted with East Bengal in initial two matches. In first match, which was played on 25th October, the team managed to equalise the score by hitting one goal. Thus, the team finished its first friendly match with an equal score.

In second game, Bengaluru’s team showcased improvement in its performance. The team surprisingly hit three goals while the rival team could score only one goal in the match which was played on 27th October. Thus, Bengaluru FC registered a victory in its 2nd friendly match played against East Bengal.

Bengaluru FC continued to perform well in its next pre-season matches and defeated Gokulam FC in 3rd and 4th friendly games. The team finished third match with 2-0 result while it ended the fourth one with 3-1 results. Third friendly match was played on 31 October and the fourth game was played on 2 November.

In fifth friendly match, Bengaluru’s football club clashed with Chennai City FC. The game was played on 4th November this year. Bengaluru FC finished the game with equal scores. Confronting with the same in sixth friendly match, which was played on 5th November 2017, Bengaluru FC scored six goals while the opponents could score only one.

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